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Clematis macropetala 'Maidwell Hall' (of Wyatt)

To précis the story set out in the International Clematis Register and Checklist 2002 Fifth Supplement (which is available on-line as a pdf if you want to read the entire saga):

In 1959 Jackman changed the name of his selection macropetala 'Lagoon' to macropetala ‘Maidwell Hall’ (this name was chosen because an "identical mutation" of macropetala was found by Oliver Wyatt at his school, Maidwell Hall, in Northampton). The original name 'Lagoon' was transferred by Jackman to another of his selections from macropetala [see macropetala 'Lagoon' (of Jackman)]. The cultivar name 'Maidwell Hall' was given to Jackman’s selection, not to the clone that originated at Maidwell Hall. Wyatt's cultivar is apparently still in cultivation and, to avoid confusion(!), is to be known as macropetala 'Maidwell Hall' (of Wyatt).

Group:Atragene group
Raised by:O E P Wyatt
Country of origin:United Kingdom
Other name(s):None known

Database entry: 4001