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Clematis 'Sixten's Gift'

Large, rounded, pink flowers single flowers in late summer, double or single earlier in the year. Greenish filaments maturing to cream; stamens, connectives and pollen are yellow. The late summer flowers (first picture) are much more rounded and richer in colour than the early ones (second picture).

Linda Beutler, curator of Friends of the Rogerson Clemetis Collection (FRCC) writes: "Originally obtained by Brewster Rogerson as a gift plant in a shipment of other clematis from Cedergrens', labeled 'Sixten's no. 3'. It was known in Brewster's collection by that name for many years. Sixten Widberg, the plant's breeder, had sent a series of seedlings to Cedergren's to see if they would be interested in distributing them.

"These were the best of a group of 100 seedlings from a cross Sixten made of 'Vino' x ALABAST. It was a popular clematis with Brewster's volunteers, and he propagated and sold it as 'Sixten's no. 3' for several years. He and I decided that we should find out what its true cultivar name was, and could find no record of Cedergren's of Sixten Widberg ever naming and selling the plant officially. In Japan in 2008 I had the chance to talk with Sixten about it, and he was delighted that this cultivar was still around somewhere. I asked him if he had named it, and he said that FRCC should name it and distribute it, and that's when he told me the parentage. I told Sixten I thought a good name would be 'Sixten's Gift', and so with his permission, and Brewster's agreement, Sixten is allowing FRCC to name and promote the plant at long last."

Group:Early large-flowered group
Approximate height: infodot2.0 - 2.5 metres
Flowering period(s): infodotApr May Jun Jul Aug
Pruning:Light prune (Group 2)
Parentage: infodot 'Vino'  x  ALABAST 'Poulala'
Other name(s):'Sixten's no. 3'
Further detail:  infodot
Flower diameter: 12.5 - 20cm
Tepals: 8

Database entry: 3745