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Clematis APHRODITE 'Aphrodite Elegafumina'

Japanese large-flowered variety, tepals velvety bluish purple. Anthers yellowish green, according to the Register; all the photos we have seen, and our own plant, have dark purplish anthers on grey-white filaments. The cultivar name comes from the Greek goddess 'Aphrodite'.

Group:Integrifolia group
Pruning:Hard prune (Group 3)
Raised by:Masatake Udagawa
Country of origin:Japan
Date raised: infodot1993
Parentage: infodot florida var florida 'Sieboldiana' [florida 'Sieboldii']  x  'Hendersonii'
Other name(s):Unaccepted spellings: 'Afurodiite eregafumina'; 'Aflodite Elega Fumina'; 'Afrodite Elega Fumina'; 'Ahurodeiteeregahumina'
Further detail:  infodot
Flower diameter: 12-16cm
ICRC Fourth Supplement

Database entry: 1257