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Clematis 'Dzieci Warszawy'

Large, bright violet flowers. In the autumn the flowers develop a deep crimson-violet bar. Purple anthers on pinkish filaments, white at the base.

According to Szczepan Marczynski, the name 'Dzieci Warszawy' means Warsaw Children. The cultivar is named in commemoration of the young participants of the Warsaw Uprising (August 1st - October 3rd 1944) and of the conspiracy movement in Warsaw during World War II. These adolescents acted as liaisons, as well as taking part in sabotage actions and direct fights for the freedom of Warsaw and Poland.

Group:Early large-flowered group
Approximate height: infodot2.0 - 2.5 metres
Flowering period(s): infodotJun Jul Sep
Aspect:Any aspect
USDA zones: infodot4 5 6 7 8 9
Pruning:Light prune (Group 2)
Raised by:W Noll
Country of origin:Poland
Date raised: infodotb1987
Parentage: infodotUnknown
Other name(s):'Dzieti Warszawy'
Further detail:  infodot
Flower diameter: 12-17cm
Tepals: 8; 6-8cm long x 3-4cm wide, elliptical, touching or overlapping near base, margins slightly wavy, tips long-pointed

Database entry: 1228